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Phenos is a pharmaceutical contract research organization offering services and research expertise to pharmaceutical companies as well as academic institutions. It was founded in 2001 as a spin off Biotech Company from Hannover Medical School.

Phenos core expertise include preclinical evaluation of new therapeutic compounds including PK/PD-studies, identification of new targets and identification of new mode of actions. We perform physiological and pathological analysis of mouse models covering a wide range of the most important human disease areas: cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, metabolism, organ transplantation and inflammation. All our procedures and tests are based on standardized protocols and highly sophisticated tests in order to identify pathological changes in animals and in cell culture models.

Contract Research Organisation Phenos

" Continuous internal and external education of our staff, as well as formalised internal processes enables Phenos to deliver fast and flexible, state of the art services for each and every customer"



  Leonid Shushakov, CEO

kidney histology
Kidney disease models in vivo

Our animal facility, cell culture lab and molecular biology lab are equipped with latest technology to perform high quality analysis of cell culture and animal experiments such as histology, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, qPCR, Western blotting, ELISAs, FACS analysis, analysis of different clinical chemistry parameters and other experiments.

We are collaborating with our clients to discover and propose ideal solutions with regard to clinical relevance.

We offer a variety of well-established disease models with multiple routes of administration. In addition, we can carry out in vitro studies in a variety of cell types with a broad spectrum of potential stimuli and read outs.

PHENOS established disease models cover a wide range of the most important human disease areas

Cardiovascular Diseases

Renal Diseases


Organ Transplantation


CRO mouse models
Image by Louis Reed

PHENOS offers services in various stages of the drug discovery process:


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